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Kristopher Fulton: The Twilight Cities

The Vancouver Cantata Singers | Paula Kremer

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Kristopher Fulton is a Canadian composer known mostly for his use of intertextuality, specifically with reference to film and comic books, to create new and exciting works within the genre of contemporary classical music.

With a specialty in writing for voice, he has been commissioned by many vocal ensembles in both Canada and in the United States. His most recent large-scale work for choir The Twilight Cities (based on the Belgian graphic novels Les Cités Obscures by artist François Schuiten and writer Benoît Peeters) has been met with acclaim across North America and has been featured as the title work on the latest album of his a cappella works for choir, featuring the Vancouver Cantata Singers directed by Paula Kremer as part of his three-year term as their composer-in-residence.

In addition to his concert works being regularly featured on CBC Radio and CBC Music, his music has been featured in several independent films, two being official selections of the Cannes Film Festival, as well as being regularly featured in the field of modern dance as part of the Vancouver International Dance Festival. He currently enjoys living with his two muses, his wife and his daughter, in Vancouver, Canada.