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Music and Text by Kristopher Fulton
SSAATTBB Choir a cappella
Pages: 49
Performance Length: approximately 6 minutes
Difficulty: Medium - Difficult

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About the work

This piece was written at break neck speed over the course of 48 hours to meet a deadline. Up until 2 days before the commission was due, nothing was working, in every sense. The music was clumsy and the piece was way too long and complicated. 

Finally, things started coming together. Years later, after much reflection, I find that some of the desperation to finish the work wove itself into the music. Icarus tells the story of the Greek myth of the same name in a series of musical ‘vignettes’ that move seamlessly from one to the next. The beginning should begin boldly and end humbly and should be thought of as a film with several ‘cut scenes’ in terms of scope and pace.