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Music and Text by Kristopher Fulton
SSAATTBB Choir a cappella
Pages: 20
Performance Length: approx. 3 minutes
Difficulty: Medium - Difficult

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About The Work

Prometheus seems to be the most popular of what is becoming a series of action-adventure pieces for concert choir. In 2008 the Vancouver Cantata Singers needed a piece written by a Canadian for what was then the CBC National Competition for Amateur Choirs. I pitched the piece to their Director, Eric Hannan using more than a few explosive gestures and “wooshing” sounds. I was convinced I sounded nuts… but he went for it and I wrote Prometheus shortly after our meeting. 

Written especially for the Vancouver Cantata Singers, the work was inspired by my love of mythology (the ‘old’) and Hollywood film scores (the ‘new’). The piece is meant to exude an electric intensity from beginning to end.